Samoan Fa'amatai Oratory (level 4)

Eligibility:  Open, but must be a fluent Samoan language speaker and ideally already bestowed a matai title and already operating in the fa'amatai system – the class is taught in the Samoan language.  It is appropriate for both ali'i and tulafale title holders.


The Fa'amatai Samoan Oratory course will benefit adult learners who are current or aspire to hold Samoan leadership titles. It aims to provide students with an in-depth understanding and the ability to participate using appropriate Gagana Samoa for ceremonies and celebrations in traditional Samoan and Aoteraoa contexts. The course is designed for the advanced learner and is delivered fully in the Samoan language. It aims to provide a holistic Samoan world-view that encompasses the individual, community and its surroundings using Samoan language, customs and culture based on Fa’asamoa.


Learning outcomes:


At the end of the 10 weeks, learners will be able to:


  • Develop their knowledge of fa’asamoa.

  • Construct and present a variety of Samoan speeches for different occasions.

  • Gain skills and knowledge through participating in ceremonial gagana Samoa concepts based on the fa’asamoa, eg: matai, aiga, feagaiga, va fealoa’i, etc.

  • Enhance their leadership skills through applying knowledge of Samoan values and principles to everyday living contexts.

  • Participate with confidence in Samoan ceremonies and traditional cultural practices i.e. si’i, aiava, acknowledging gifts, etc.