Samoan Fa’amatai Bilingual Training (Level 4)

Eligibility:  Open entry, but ideal for those who are keen to understand the Fa’amatai system and have a good grasp of gagana Sāmoa. 

There are three levels offered:

  • Introduction - taught mostly in English & introducing the basics of fa'amatai

  • Intermediate - taught in English and Sāmoan and gets a bit more indepth into the fa'amatai including an introduction to the history of Sāmoa

  • Advanced - taught mostly in Sāmoan and ideal for those who already have experience in the fa'amatai but need a bit more understanding and confidence to operate effectively in Sāmoan cultural settings.


This course is designed for people who are New Zealand born and raised, have become matai and would like to know more about understanding and participating in extended family occasions that require a working knowledge of gagana fa’amatai. The aim is to enrich Sāmoan matai, both male and female, who are raised in Aotearoa with Sāmoan values, protocols and practices. The programme also contributes to the building of confidence and upholding certain obligations through service to their communities here in Aotearoa and back in the homeland of Sāmoa.

Students will be able to unpack key topics through:

  • Oratory skills and cultural practices

  • Leadership skills

  • Communicate life events. Use terminology used in family situations and understand the importance of cultural behaviour/habits and taboos

  • Use new information to discuss cultural protocols with family and friends

  • Presentation for student presentations

  • Developing their knowledge and increasing their acquisition of Gagana Sāmoa

  • Enhancing their leadership skills through applying knowledge of Sāmoan values and principles to everyday living contexts

  • Participating with confidence in Sāmoan ceremonies and traditional cultural practices

Learners will be able to present themselves in accordance with their status in the community and apply specific skills appropriate to community cultural events.