Our courses

Our Courses

PEC is the only NZQA Registered Private Training Establishment offering NZQA Approved free community Pasifika language courses across six languages.


For over 40 years we have been supporting people to learn and gain confidence with Pacific languages and culture. Our tutors are all proficient and experienced in their language and culture and we support them to ensure they can share this with others.

Our students come from a range of backgrounds,  NZ-born, Island-born and non-Pacific.  We accept learners from 13 years - 16 years with adult supervision, and all other learners 16yrs+.


Our Samoan Oratory course requires proficiency in Gagana Samoa and is ideal for those who already hold a matai title and are required to participate in cultural activities with a high level of fluency.

Six Languages

We offer NZQA Approved training schemes in the following languages:

  • Cook Islands Māori – Kuki ‘Airani

  • Fijian – Vosa vaka Viti 

  • Niuean – Vagahau Niue

  • Rotuman – Fäeag Rotuḁm 

  • Sāmoan – Gagana Sāmoa

  • Tongan – lea faka-Tonga

Our courses are taught at the following levels:

  • Introduction to Language, Culture & Identity (Level 1)

  • Everyday conversation in a Pacific Language (Level 1)

  • Maintaining a Pacific language & Culture (Level 2)

  • Samoan Fa'amatai Bilingual (Level 4)

  • Samoan Oratory (Level 4)

NZQA Training Scheme credits cannot be added to a NZQA Record of Learning by NZQA, but the courses are rated at NZQA Framework levels and meet NZQA course approval requirements.

Each of our 10-week courses are only 20 hours long with a face to face tutor (online via ZOOM), plus learners should do at least 1-hour homework, revision, practice each week.