Koloa Pacific Cultural Intelligence Workshops

The making of ngatu or tapa (cloth made from the bark of the paper mulberry tree) and kie (mats woven from pandanus leaves) is an age old process in the Tongan culture.  Certain types of barkcloth and mats are categorised by Tongans as koloa, a term translated as 'wealth', 'possessions' or 'what one values'.


PEC offer 1 day and 2 day customised workshops


The PEC Koloa training is designed as a strengths-based approach.


Our workshops provide participants with an opportunity to gain an understanding of diverse Pacific cultural values and an appreciation of the origins of Pacific peoples here in Aotearoa, and why Pacific cultural knowledge is important to Pacific communities in homes, schools and workplace settings.


The workshop is ideally targeted at non-Pacific and workplaces that have pacific staff members, or who work with Pacific people and communities.


The workshop is offered in a safe environment designed to give participants some practical examples of how to engage Pacific people well in the workplace, and Pacific communities through the work that they do.


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Contact Donald@pec.ac.nz today for more information and to book a workshop for your organisation.