Introduction to Sāmoan Identity, Language & Culture (Level 1)

Introduction to Gagana Samoa Identity, Language & Culture (Level 1)


Eligibility:  This course is ideally suited to learners who have no previous or very little knowledge of Gagana Samoa

Over 20 hours, learners will cover the following content:

Lesson 1:       Welcome & course administration / introduction to Alphabet and correct pronunciation

Lesson 2:      Common Greetings - introducing your self

Lesson 3:      Me and my family - who are you?

Lesson 4:      Geography - where are you from?

Lesson 5:      Using numbers/counting in every-day life

Lesson 6:      Days of the week, months of the year

Lesson 7:      Special events and seasons

Lesson 8:      Food and food customs

Lesson 9:      Body Parts - describing myself

Lesson 10:     Class presentation - using key information from each of the previous lessons you will                                         present a short talanoa based on sentences you've learnt from Lessons 1-9