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PEC is the only NZQA Registered Private Training Establishment offering NZQA Approved free community Pasifika language courses across six languages.


For over 40 years we have been supporting people to learn and gain confidence with Pacific languages and culture. Our tutors are all proficient and experienced in their language and culture and we support them to ensure they can share this with others.

Our students come from a range of backgrounds,  NZ-born, Island-born and non-Pacific.  We accept learners from 13 years - 16 years with adult supervision, and 16yrs+.


Our Samoan Oratory course requires proficiency in Gagana Samoa and is ideal for those who already hold a matai title and are required to participate in cultural activities with a high level of fluency.

Six Languages

We offer NZQA Approved training schemes in the following languages:

  • Cook Islands Māori – Kuki ‘Airani

  • Fijian – Vosa Viti 

  • Niuean – Vagahau Niue

  • Rotuman – Fäeag Rotuḁm 

  • Sāmoan – Gagana Sāmoa

  • Tongan – lea faka-Tonga

Our courses are taught at the following levels:

  • Introduction to Language, Culture & Identity (Level 1)

  • Everyday conversation in a Pacific Language (Level 1)

  • Maintaining a Pacific language & Culture (Level 2)

  • Samoan Fa'amatai Bilingual (Level 4)

  • Samoan Oratory (Level 4)

All our courses are taught online, except for our Friday Samoan Oratory class which is only taught at the Manukau Office in Auckland. 


You must enrol with PEC in order to access our online classes. 


Students enrolled on our courses will use ZOOM (video conferencing) and our online student portal (PolyeLearning) which is powered by MOODLE.

PEC is able to enrol a limited number of international students - please contact Ida for more information and a copy of the international student enrollment form on

Our FREE Pasifika Community Language courses are:

  • 10-weeks long - they are taught once a week for 2 hours face to face (online) with your tutor

  • You are expected to do at least 1 hour self-directed learning per week (your revision, practice & preparation for the upcoming class)

  • Each course is a total of 30 hours over 10 weeks

  • PEC courses are structured around teaching key themes, meaning that in each lesson you'll focus on a particular topic - eg salutations and greetings, numbers and counting, telling the time, counting money, days of the week and months of the year, food etc.

It is important to note that you will not become a fluent speaker after only 10 weeks of doing one of our courses.  Rather, they are designed to introduce you to the language, vocabulary and cultural aspects in relation to the level and topic you are studying.


Our courses are NZ Qualifications Authority (NZQA) Approved Training Schemes and they have confirmed that the courses meet the desired outcome, are set at the right level, and confirm that the content it appropriate to be learnt across 30 hours. 


These training schemes are not formal qualifications as such, therefore the credits cannot be added to your NZQA Record of Learning.  You will instead, receive a Certificate of Participation only if you meet the minimum attendance criteria - 80% of your classes (8 out of 10).


We cannot grant Certificates to any international students, but you can participate in our courses.

The purpose of our courses, is to see learners gain confidence in being able to speak their language at the appropriate level and understanding the cultural protocols.  We hope that by taking our courses, students would start to thrive in their understanding and love for their language and culture, be strong in their identity, and continue the lifelong journey of being immersed in their language and culture.

Introduction to identity, language
& culture

This course is at an introductory level to teach you the vocabulary and grammar necessary to understand key concepts (eg pronunciation, numbers, body parts, salutations etc).  

Many of our beginner learners continue to repeat this classes to consolidate their knowledge and practice fluency, before moving onto the next level.

Everyday Conversation

This course is ideal for people who have a good understanding of the language, but need extra support to help them towards fluency.  People with a good grasp of the vocab for everyday conversations centered around everyday tasks will find this course beneficial

Maintaining language & culture

This course is ideal for people who may have been raised in a Pacific language speaking home but often respond in English.  You understand fluently, but sometimes lack the confidence to respond back.  This course will help you to consolidate your existing knowledge to be able to maintain your language capability.

Fa'amatai bilingual & Oratory levels (Samoan only)

Ideally suited to those already fluent in the Samoan language thinking of becoming or a new matai, but who may not understand the language and practices of Samoan orators.

The Samoan Oratory course is only for fluent speakers and focuses on developing lauga (speeches).

Our courses are taught online

Students enrol onto our course and will receive an email with a link to our Online Platform PolyeLearning (Moodle) where you will access all of your course materials.

You will also receive a second email inviting you to join your online ZOOM class.  This is where you will meet your tutor and class mates.  PEC classes are taught live, online 6-8pm. You will need a desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone to participate in ZOOM online classes.  You can watch our  PEC HOW TO ZOOM video to find out how it all works.

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