Online Book Store

PEC offers a range of books and language resources for sale which can be accessed via Shopify.  The books range from children’s stories, nursery rhymes, myths and legends etc. 


Online Book Store Purchase Process

On our website, you can browse what is available in the PEC Book Store and purchase your resources online. All major Credit Cards are accepted, and PEC will mail your purchases out to you.


Here’s how to shop on our online Book Store:

  1. The full list of  items and description of each item will be listed on the screen, together with their prices in New Zealand Dollars (NZD).

  2. To select an item to purchase, click on the ADD TO CART button underneath the item. A pop-up box will appear from the side displaying your Cart and the item(s) you have selected to purchase. You can confirm the ‘Quantity’ of the item to be purchased in the Cart. The total price to be paid will appear at the bottom of the screen.

  3. You can continue shopping by adding other items to your Cart as described above or you can click CHECKOUT at the bottom of the Cart to proceed to purchase.

  4. Once you click on CHECKOUT button you will be taken to a page to provide your email address and shipping address.

  5. Once you input your email and shipping address the next page will show the total amount to be paid inclusive of the standard shipping fee of NZD$10.00.

  6. Click on the CONTINUE TO PAYMENT link.

  7. Input your Card details for payment and billing address and click PAY NOW to complete the transaction.

  8. You will receive a confirmation of purchase to your email which includes the details of purchase and address the item(s) will be posted to.

  9. If you have any queries regarding your purchase, you can contact