About us

We envision that...

Pasifika Education Centre is a recognised Pacific centre of excellence for Pacific language revitalisation, cultural knowledge and advocacy across Aotearoa and throughout the Pacific region.

We aim for...

  • Revitalised Pacific languages, ensuring that they are linguistically and culturally sustained

  • Meaningful advocacy with and work alongside stakeholders to drive the achievement of culturally linguistic and sustainable language revitalisation

  • PEC achieving excellent and long-lasting results including a strong, financially sustainable organisation.

We'll get there because of our...

  • Clarity of purpose and commitment to the cause

  • Advocacy for better support and resourcing for Pasifika languages and culture

  • Innovative approach to nurturing and growing language and culture

  • Regional (ie, wider Pacific region) approach; thinking globally, acting regionally

  • Research based advocacy, service design and delivery

And so as a governing body, we will...

  • Tackle the hard issues in the interests of our constituents

  • Adopt an underpinning of Pasifika cultural values in all we do

  • Grow our resource pool and manage resources efficiently and effectively

  • Work collaborative and constructively with all stakeholders

  • Support the Chief Executive and staff in the delivery of the strategy


Pasifika Education Centre History


Our Roots

In 1974, the idea for setting up an educational institute to cater for the needs of an increasing Pacific

Island population was first mooted at a conference called by the Minister of Education Honourable Phil Amos at Lopdell House.

Around this time 78,000 Pacific Islanders resided in New Zealand. An Auckland star special report on Pacific Island issues in the country and in the Pacific Islands at the time described a Pacific community struggling to cope with the reality of living in New Zealand.

“Many came with the notion that Auckland’s streets were paved with gold. For almost all of them it was their first trip from their home island, for most they were coming to their first job. Western Samoa figures showed that 73% of those that come here have never worked before, other than at home or on the family plantation. They have touching, simple confidence… they think they know all about New Zealand.”

“The Government began to show qualified awareness those policies to deal with the situation needed to be devised.”

Support was provided to our migrant communities in Auckland particularly for English as a Second Langauge, which quickly grew to include work ready skills, budget skills and general life skills.  When PIERC Education became a Registered Private Training Establishment (PTE) they were able to deliver a range of programmes to help students become qualified.



The Future

It’s over forty years since the idea of the Pacific Islanders Education Resource Centre was conceived. 


What started as an organisation to support early migrants to Aotearoa New Zealand has now become a national language hub offering online language courses, with a strong focus on providing language and culture courses to the 64%+ growing population of NZ-born Pasifika young people. 


Our focus is on strengthening Pasifika identity through thriving Pasifika languages and cultures for those living in NZ.

Our services have diversified to include an online and onsite bookstore, cultural competency customised workshops for the workplace and a professional Tranlsation Service for Pasifika languages.  We also have an advocacy arm, and have membership on the following:

  • Minstry for Pacific Peoples Fono Faufautua (advisory group to the Ministry)

  • UNESCO Decade of Indigenous Languages NZ Group

  • National Langauges Strategy

  • Auckland Languages Strategy Working Group

  • Pacific Languages Working Group